Saturday, February 22, 2020

Its a Job Application Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Its a Job Application Paper - Essay Example Having acquired substantial professional insight through the experience and observation gained in my clinical placements, I have been able to observe that this leads to improved outcomes. My Nursing Bachelor degree has given me an outstanding knowledge of conventional nursing practices, caring values and latest technology. Throughout my clinical placements, I learned a variety of nursing skills in the profession, while developing the capacity to think and learn practically. I have also been able to expand knowledge in an array of practice settings and have been trained in clinical reasoning and problem-solving. As a dedicated nurse, devoted to working in the demanding career, working at there would develop active participation that call for critical thinking, patience and organizational skills that are prerequisites in delivering a perfect job in every healthcare center. Based on the its mission statement â€Å"To be the top provider of primary and specialized tertiary care, accompany by an appropriate array of inpatient, outpatient and outreach services that improve health and meet community needs,† as a graduate nurse, it can be credible to learn and participate in the nursing programs presented at the medical center that will advance and build my nursing skills. The busy medical center would increase proficiency and efficiency in giving my services in diverse experiences within my scholarly career. Some of the services given at medical center of vast importance in my professional development and career includes Ortho and Spine, level 1 trauma care, Neurosciences, Rehabilitation, Cancer Therapy, Urology, Psychiatric services, Gastroenterology, wound and broad stroke centers correspondingly. The supposed weaknesses, strengths, threats and opportunities gained after would increase the ability to convey my skills in different departments in the nursing career. As an active youth with the interest, I will be of vast importance at the medical

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